The Book Helper Project

As a book community, I think we can all join together to help minimize the negative impact that authors are experiencing during their book releases in the next few months. This community thrives in online spaces so there’s no reason that release events and other festivities can’t make the transition online as well. We can keep the book community full of light and hope through virtual signings, livestreamed book launches, blog tours, and more.

This project aims to:
– Help authors run digital launch events for their book over livestream with the help of booktubers and other content creators
– Assist with getting the word out about virtual signings, preorder campaigns, or any other publicity events that aren’t receiving attention
– Build partnerships that help both authors and content creators realize the current truth that right now their voices are both wanted and needed by so many of us


We will keep this page updated with all author events as they are scheduled. Check back with information on livestreams, virtual signings, and more!


If you are an author who has just released a book or has an upcoming book release, please fill out this form. I’ll do my best to partner you with some helpers who can share the excitement about your book!

Find the form here

If you already have a virtual event set up that you’d like to add to our calendar, let us know here!


If you are a content creator who wants to help out, please fill out this form. This can include bloggers, booktubers, bookstagrammers, editorial writers, or anyone with a platform that they think could be helpful right now. I’ll do my best to partner you with an author who needs some hype around their release!

Find the form here


If you are buying any new releases, please consider purchasing through Prologue Bookshop. It is my local independent bookstore that I desperately want to see success during this time. They are offering free shipping and are a partner.

Shop their store here
Buy audiobooks here