Queer YA Releases | JANUARY 2019

Hello, lovely readers! I hope the new year is treating all of you well. As I was putting together my most anticipated lists for 2019, I realized there were a lot of YA book with lgbt+ lead characters that were flying under the radar. I wanted to make sure everyone knew about the queer books that were coming out this year so I made this video and post to share with you all. I will be uploading a similar post for every month of 2019 so that no one misses out on these awesome titles.


Every Asexual Character in 2018 YA

2018 has been an amazing year for ace-spectrum characters in young adult fiction. We’ve gotten ace stories in romance, fantasy, sci-fi, historical, mystery, and every genre in between. There has been romantic ace rep, aromantic ace rep, and demisexual rep. We’ve had more stories by ownvoices ace authors than ever before and they are telling stories that are so, so important to ace readers. 

Unfortunately, even though asexual representation is getting much more common, it is still sometimes hard to find out which books feature asexual characters. Reviewers often forget to mention ace rep in their reviews and too often these books fly under the radar. To combat this, I’ve complied a list of every ace-spectrum character I could find in 2018 young adult fiction. This includes main characters, love interests, and side characters. I’ve also included links to reviews by ace-spectrum reviewers so that you can read their thoughts about each of these books.  

Please be aware that the fact that I included a book in this list does not mean the representation is good. A few of the books have very mixed or negative reviews so I urge you to check those out before you read them yourself if you are worried about poor representation. I included as many links to reviews by ace-spectrum readers as I could find to help you gauge which books are beneficial and which are harmful to ace readers. 

Don’t forget to check out the end of the post to enter to win any YA book featuring an asexual character!

Let’s Talk About Love by Claire Kann
Contemporary Romance
Alice, the main character, is asexual and biromantic. 
​Read LaRonda’s reviewBen’s reviewDorka’s reviewmy reviewand watch Kav’s video review

Hullmetal Girls by Emily Skrutskie
Science Fiction
Aisha, the main character, is asexual and aromantic. 
Read Sarah’s reviewCeillie’s review, andLaura’s review

That’s Not What Happened by Kody Keplinger
Lee, the main character, is asexual. ​
Read Jessie’s review

Now a Major Motion Picture by Cori McCarthy
Contemporary Romance
Iris, the main character, is demisexual and heteroromantic.
Read Alex’s mini-review

Summer Bird Blue by Akemi Dawn Bowman
Rumi, the main character, is questioning asexual and aromantic identities. 
​Read Tay’s reviewLaRonda’s review, and Harker’s review

The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy by Mackenzi Lee
Historical Fiction / Companion Novel
​Felicity, the main character, is asexual and aromantic. ​
​Read Elise’s reviewCrystal’s review, and Harker’s review

Beneath the Citadel by Destiny Soria
​Alys, one of the lead characters, is asexual. 
Read Meaghan’s reviewClaudie’s Review, and Bee’s Review

The Spy with the Red Balloon by Katherine Locke
Historical Fantasy
Wolf, one of the lead characters, is demisexual and homoromantic. 
Read Crystal’s reviewJessie’s reviewand my review

On a Summer Night by Gabriel D. Vidrine
Contemporary Romance
Ella, the main character’s best friend, is asexual and aromantic.
Read Gretal’s review

Before I Let Go by Marieke Nijkamp 
Corey, the main character, is asexual.
Read Katherine’s reviewJessie’s review, and Harker’s review

Sawkill Girls by Claire Legrand
Fantasy Thriller
Zoey, one of the lead characters, is asexual. 
​Read Tay’s reviewLaRonda’s review, Meaghan’s review, and Lauren’s review

​One Giant Leap by Heather Kaczynski
Science Fiction / Sequel 
Cassandra, the main character, is asexual.
Read Laura’s review and Lia’s review of the first book in the series

Secondhand Origin Stories by Lee Blauersouth
Science Fiction
Isaac, one of the lead character, is asexual and heteroromantic. 
Read LaRonda’s review and Ceillie’s review

Our Bloody Pearl by D.N. Bryn
​Dejean, one of the lead character, is asexual. 
Read Emma’s review

New World by Lyssa Chiavari 
Science Fiction / Sequel
Isaak, one of the lead characters, is demisexual and Nadin, another lead character, is asexual. ​
Read Claudie’s review and Sarah’s review of the first book in the series

Summer of Salt by Katrina Leno
​Modern Fantasy
Vira, a side character, is asexual and aromantic. 
Read Jessie’s review and Alex’s mini-review

Dread Nation by Justina Ireland
Historical Fantasy
Katherine, an important side character, is asexual and aromantic. 
Read LaRonda’s review and Sarah’s review

Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks by Nathan Burgoine
Modern Fantasy
Alec, the main character’s best friend, is asexual. ​
Read Alex’s review

The Apocalypse of Elena Mendoza by Shuan David Hutchinson
Modern Fantasy
Fadil, the main character’s best friend, is questioning ace-spectrum.
Read Elise’s review andLia’s review

Puddin’ by Julie Murphy
Contemporary / Companion Novel
Amanda, the main character’s best friend, is asexual.
Read Becca’s review and Heather’s review

Black Wings Beating by Alex London
Kylee, one of the lead characters, is often read as asexual and/or aromantic although it is not confirmed in the text. ​

Anger is a Gift by Mark Oshiro
Kaisha, one of the side characters, is asexual and biromantic. 
Read Jessie’s reviewAngel’s review, and Kait’s review

What If It’s Us by Adam Silvera and Becky Albertalli
Contemporary Romance
Juliet, one of the side characters, is asexual and biromantic. 
Read LaRonda’s reviewHarker’s review, and Elise’s review

All Out edited by Saundra Mitchell 
Historical Fiction / Anthology
Nilah Magruder’s story “And They Don’t Kiss at the End” features an asexual main character. ​
​Read Kav’s reviewElise’s review, and Heather’s Review

Heart of Iron by Ashley Poston
Science Fiction
​Ana, the main character, has been confirmed as being on the asexual spectrum by the author even though it is not specified in the text.
​Read Jessie’s reviewElise’s review, and Alex’s mini-review

Miles Away From You by A.B. Rutledge
​Miles, the main character, is demisexual and pansexual.
​Read Amy’s review

I hope this list helped you find some great reads and awesome representation! I have loved so many of the ace books that came out this year and I can’t wait to catch up on more of these releases. If I missed any asexual YA characters from this year, please let me know here or on twitter! Also, let me know below what your favorite asexual read or character is.

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